Thursday, March 31, 2011



yeah, so! I feel like I want to type something. So, I did! Well, I don't have any original plan for today. Except for going out with my friend and be a stylist. I am told to help in choosing some clothes for a gathering.

HAHA. b-but, I am here. I am in my room for the whole day time. The plan was being cancelled. Bahh.. So sad. I was so excited to be a wannabe-stylist. But yo, we don't have enough time to go shopping!

So, lets just stay in my room! And fill in my precious time with blog reviews, facebook, twitter, formspring, and more.

I've been waiting for a vlog from some vloggers that I like. But, there is none. Then. I watched Maria Elena's video which is a video from .

Okay, today's entry is just like =.="" . heh? HAHA. yeah, boring.

I want to sleep but I can't. It's not because I'm not sleepy. But, I just can't let myself sleep.
Urh, my mum will get mad at me and yeah! Don't sleep.

And, I'm becoming a bit MORE plump than before. I do realize but I can't stop eating. HAHA.
So, I decided to try Atkins. So, lets Atkins!


2 idealistic:

.: RaiN :. said...

Nice layout baru akak :D
Daa lama x masuk sini , heheh .

mimiey said...

hehe.. thanx Raihana..
tue la tue. akk pon rndu nk tgk Raihana msuk blog akk. ^^

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