Thursday, November 21, 2013

Modest Minded

Assalamualaikum wbt.

Yet, I'm not sure what to title this article.

I know, people around especially my own family still consider me as a kid. Oh kid is too much. Let's just use an immature girl which doesn't really know what's actually happening outside. Yeah. I've grown up, no ?

I was at the railway station, taking a ride to Seremban and it was around 6pm which was the time for those from work places going back. I was simply in my jeans, casual wear, well to suit with what I was doing, hanging out with the girls. I came to feel sleepy but my brain still wanted to work so I looked around to have pleasant sightseeing. One thing I love while taking railway transport, the view. I know it is always only the greened view but that is the point. And I won't feel nausea like I do while in a car.

Sorry for being sentimental with the talking about green.

So I looked around then I realized one thing. One particular thing that I always have it in my mind and somehow get confused over the points of it. I said to myself, I talked to my family and seniors that I feel so urge to end my diploma and degree and start working immediately.

Mak said, Focus on your study. Nowadays, women can't easily get any job opportunities unless you have good education background. Study dulu study dulu ~

Seniors said, No matter what it takes, just go on studying. Don't you ever think of working, that's crazy.

And I'm getting confused. Even more.

Guess I'm not matured enough to think about how the world works. I looked at all the tired faces in the coach and I know I will be one of them one day and I feel happy about that. Happy over tired faces? Weird.

A woman stood before me with her Coach handbag, I smiled. Working is not all about hell, isn't it ?

Simply saying, the scariest part is always the things that we need.

Till then. Happy studying. Happy working.

P/s : Final semester is reaching . Wow .

Thursday, November 7, 2013


Assalamualaikum wbt, immortal .

Bet I can say it is such a warm weather instead of hot. Just to set up the mood, at the very least.

Turning point.
I wonder each and every person will have to accomplish it or only the chosen one. If we were to face that, this world would be different. Turning point is not a bad thing but the impact might be that big for a person to bear. and I wonder. If we were to face that, no problems will be arose as what they are now.

Thinking about the turning point, I somehow am afraid to endure the future even though I don't know what will actually happen. We ought to be mentally and physically ready for the turning point to reach its destination at ours.

We might smile widely. We might laugh uncontrollably. Even cry. We for most forget our responsibility which leads to different kind of future that we will have. Sense it and you will know and you will do better.

People say,

Cry me a river ;
I got dumped.
I got tons of works.
He cheated on me.
That boy ruins my dress.

While they don't know that the persons that they talk to might have even bigger problems and don't make a fuss. They stay calm and they will still do so.

Smile is a medicine. Turning point ? Let's wait and be confident.

p/s: Salam Maal Hijrah to all muslims

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Walking Human . Heww .

Dear human ,

So I took some times to write . It takes like forever to let me write again after the previous post . Of course, the lazy me won't do blogging unless something doesn't force me to do . Did some blog-walking so the other writers motivate me to at least bring up a topic tonight .

Can't remember the date but we went there few weeks ago . We actually had nothing to do on Sunday so we just go with the flow . 3 out of 5, nearly to 4 voted to be in Cameron Highland so here we were . Since non of us had guts to spend the night here so we only got to be in several places only .

Did strawberry pickings , troll for pictures , eat strawberry chocolate , bought strawberries, flowers, and souvenirs and feel the breeze . That's it .

One thing that I want . I want to buy at least a small house with patio here .

p/s : Yes, I'm chubbier . And . You can shattap . Hihi . xoxo

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Gossip Day

Assalamualaikum wbt lovelies :)

An awesome yesterday ~ 
Eventho I didn't get enuff sleep so yeah, I was a lil bit spazzed out during the whole day. Yet, I still had a great time with my girlfriends. So, I planned to have some coffee before we start doing something else. So, we went to Gloria Jean's Coffees to re-energize my body. Thought of having something hot but with the hot weather and the cafe doesn't have proper place to have lunch so yeah I took away a cup of Creme Brulee and emm I didn't remember another one . :p 

We went to Mid Valley to do some shopping and yeah, we met Ana too !!! Setahun never met yawww ! Imagine how excited we were ! :D Hahaha the most hilarious thing was we didn't realize time passed by and kept gossiping about everything while at the cafe . So, everything turned out to be unplanned ! We basically wanted to purchase movie tickets but didn't do so and straightly having our lunch first . Ana craved for fast food so yeah, forget about Spaghetti and here we were ! :D

*I cropped the chubby part . Zzzzz *

*corrupted. LOL*
Then terus shopping lahhhhh and still, movie tickets were not yet to be purchased . We were immersed in all the stuff ! ==" Hahaha .. Well, I managed to buy a bag. Ila as well ! ^^ We climbed up to GSC and wanted to purchase the ticket for Fast Furious 6. As expected, the tickets were sold out. I didn't mind but Ila was so eager to watch the movie and Ana wanted to spend the time with watching movie. :( Sad for you, girls .

Finally, we chose white coffee and gossip !!! We talked lots of things until 6 and we went back home afterwards ! ^^ It was a great time. I missed the laughters :"( How we always spent our time together before and now everything is different. Anyway, Ana leads a great life now. There's a reason for everything to happen. :")

More candy bars ! ^^..

Wish to have another great meeting . :") 
Till then, lovelies

P/S : Ana, Ila . We should ! We have to ! Meet at the white coffee again after this ! Hikhik ^^

Friday, April 26, 2013

Online Books Hunting at MPH Online

Assalamualaikum wbt. 

This time around , I'll be here temporarily just to make a review about what I've just experienced.

To be honest, I'd never bought any books online. So, this is my first time. Actually, the main purpose to use mph online service is because of my lil bro's book was already out of stock when we tried to purchase it at another bookstore. Though we could make a special order at that particular bookstore, we chose to not do so.

We did go to the mph bookstore itself and check the book and there was none. So, we'd decided to try purchasing it online ! And mphonline even receives BB1M . I have 2 vouchers left with me now. I was hesitated at first to purchase it online but since it's to make the transaction even easier, so I did ! :D

I checked my brother's book via online and still there was none. So, I had no choice but to make a call to the customer service. I talked to the customer service and everything was settled at once when she gave me a special id for the book and I would have just to insert the id number and put it in my online cart.

Once I'd put all of my orders in my cart then I was asked to send an email to mph. I received a reply for the order confirmation. I made the order 2 days ago which was on 23rd April and receive another email on 25th April which told me the books are ready to be sent to my house. I love the way they keep me on track about  the status of these books. So, I wouldn't doubt when will the books to be sent out to my house without me setting myself ready with the actual money exchange.

So here they come. I received everything today ! ^^

I'll make sure to use mph's online service again next time !

Till then ~

Monday, March 4, 2013

Malam Anugerah Seni UKM 2013

Assalamualaikum wbt everyone ~ 

We meet again .. After for a long time .. So, this is me who loves to update whenever I have big events. So, last Sat I went for a dinner at UKM which needed me to dress In floral vintage. So, don't ask me how much I had spent for only my dress in order to attend the dinner ! >.<

Voguely I passed the stairs which needs me to control my nervousness while others are looking at me and my friends who have just arrived at the ball room. Awwww ! Haha. *excited* Since the event was based on 'Seni' so of course I watched lotsa performances from the student of UKM itself. God they are just so freaking talented ! From the singers, dancers and even the announcers ! Hmmm well yeahhh ~ Haha ! I guess, the annoucer's idol is Aznil Haji Nawawi. Kiki ~

So, here some pictures of us ! :DDDDD

The grant performances !!!


Choir Group of KPTM Bangi

Assalamualaikum wbt.

“I’ve never heard that this college actually has a choir group” 

This is what I remember until now. It has been quite some times after I was so active with my drama activity in my school. So it was quite awkward to me to be on stage again. But I’m so honoured that I still have the chance to stand out.

At the first place, I didn’t decide to join until my friend, Aini which really loves to sing asked me to sing along. I was screwed. Haha. To be frank, I am not that good in singing. I am just so bad at it. I do remember that I learnt to sing for a really short time in school before. Ahh forget it. I love my English drama practise more than anything!

I am telling you .., even though I don’t like to sing but I love the voice of others when we sing together. We had been trained by AbangIssz and AbangZul which from UKM. We used just about 4 days to sing 3 songs in a row. They are indeed great trainers. We performed the song on HariKualiti KPTM Bangi witch gathers almost all the lecturers at the hall.

Pictures  ~~~

Keep Your Head Up, It's Me !

Assalamualaikum wbt.

            I am Nur Syamimi binti Abdul Majid and people usually call me Mimi. Some people love to use Syamimi to call me formally. I’m fine with these two names. I am now studying in Business Studies (Transportation) in Kolej Poly-Tech Mara Bangi which leads me to the business in transportation world. This is indeed an interesting course to me. Personally, I would prefer studying calculations subjects rather than learning the reading subjects.

            To speak about my personality, I always stand out with my perfectionist side. I know this personality can bring up positive and negative effects but I am born to be like this. Since I am now a grown up person so I am trying to minimize the level of perfectionist and think what’s good and what’s not. I got some lessons whenever I am asking myself to be patient and understand others’ thoughts. I might be wrong since nobody is completely perfect with excellent level of thinking and skills.

            Apparently, I am having this blog. So, I could easily tell that this is my only hobby that I can stick with. People usually use blog as their diaries and write whatever they have done for a day. To me, I use blog to tell what the interesting things that I have experienced so far. Sharing something that even interesting is fun to me. I feel like helping others whenever I make reviews about some places, events etc. Feel free to visit my first blog :

            I do have other hobbies. Bowling is my second option whenever I get bored with my laptop. I have been in love with bowling since I was 13 years old. I had once assigned as a bowling player but I didn't manage to continue. I thought that I could do something else that can give me more benefits instead of playing bowling.

            The subject IT is another subject which needs my reading and memorizing skill. I am trying my best to ace this subject and I am confident that I can do it. I believe in myself, InsyaAllah.

                                             The picture of us. Transporters of KPTM Bangi.

* IT's assignment
*Dedicated to Madam Hayati

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