Saturday, December 31, 2011

Hey 2012 ! Thank you , 2011 !

Assalamualaikum wbt .

Wow wow wow . In just a few hours more . We are going to be in 2012 . So folks , I'm pretty sure that all of you are ready with million of hopes before reaching the new year , huh ? I wish that all your hopes will come true .

2011 taught me a lot of new things . I can say that , this year is full with new experiences.

I turned into 18 !!!
I love 18 . It's not like I can freely go to club etc . 18 means you are free to shout out your opinion.
You are becoming brave in adjusting your own life with other people . In short , you are not a crybaby anymore , huh ?! HAHA .

Yes . I felt damn damn damn disappointed with my result . -but it wasn't like there was no hope for me to live on my life. ahaks !- Then , I didn't get a chance to continue my study with the course that I chose before . Again , darn it --" Btw , I'm happy with what I'm studying now ! but still , I haven't decided about my future profession yet . Is it okay for me to go with TESL when I've done with this diploma ? Or is it much more better for me to go on with Transportation ? Mimiey Mimiey Mimiey , let's get one thing right straight !

Work ?
Yes , again ! Another new experience ! This is so so so cool , man ! I took part time job when I was waiting for my spm result . I knew new friends . I knew how to adapt with workers and customers . And the most interesting part when I knew how to get the jobs done. :)

Current Education ?
I'm currently taking UiTM course , Diploma in Business Study Transportation . And I'm studying in Part 2 ! I'm simply saying that this course is a bit fun even though there are a lot of cores subjects =="

Love ?
2011 is a year full of problems . And now , I know . Who might be the best for me , who might be not . I haven't found a true love . I'm still young , tho . I don't think that marriage , engagement or even couple are the most important things for now . I'll surely think about these later . btw , scandals are needed . TEEHEE . People love to think negatively about scandals. Scandals are just like close friends , people ! They bring joys , not sad stories . They bring fun , not problems . They bring blue clouds , not heavy rains .

Hopes ?
  • Of course , I want the best in my study . Always .
  • Get a lot of money . Shopping Shopping Shopping !
  • Be close to Allah , InsyaAllah :)
  • Get the best in my MUET .
  • No gossips ! (or more gossips ??)
  • No scandals . (Hell yeah , Mimiey . Ask yourself again , now !

Last but not least . Thank you , 2011 .

There's no talkative Mimiey if you wasn't here for me :)



Monday, December 26, 2011

HappyOkCatDay !!

*Taec in white*

Happy Birthday , Taec !
I hope you will receive more love in future .

If people ask me why do I like him the most . First , I love a man that looks so manly . And of course , with 6 packs ! When it comes to Taec , his face is so manly . With the beast-look eyes .. I can't stand from his hotness . And and , he loves , knows how to make jokes . He is reliable . He's not a boring person . He's strong ! There are a lot more words to describe about him!

Haha . For me , it's actually a bit cheesy to post something like this in my own blog . But , I just want to share my love about Taec with others .

Short review about Taecyeon

: Ok Taecyeon
: 27 December 1988
: Main Rapper

Originally , I prefer to love a vocalist . But Taec is someone different to me . He is a cute beast . Haha . There is no cute beast in this world . But somehow , Taec could be one :D

Have a blast , Taec !

*picture : credit to 2pmalways

Monday, December 12, 2011

K-Pop ? 2PM ?

Assalamualaikum wbt.

Hey there . Especially for the k-pop lovers and HOTTEST ! Well , you can easily tell that I'm crazily love 2PM more that other k-pop boy groups . Well , I did post an entry but it was a long time ago about the reason why I love 2PM .

Well , Malaysian people always believe that K-pop music industry is becoming more popular because of their topless looks , plastic surgery and etc . Well , I'm not denying . They look very good with their hot abs and pretty face .

But , it's not just that . They are working very hard to achieve what they already have now . And I think our local industry need to work harder to achieve it too tho . THINK !

Okay now , my twitter account has become an account for me to communicate with other HOTTESTs ! This is so cool ! HAHA . Originally , I just wanted to follow 2PM's twitter accounts . Instead of knowing their life updates , it's interesting if I can share my craziness about 2PM with other Hottest as well .

So Hottest , just click here to go to my twitter account . Click the follow button . I'll surely follow you back ^^

Love ,
2PM's loyal fan ,


Sunday, December 11, 2011

Hide and Seek !

-click this word box to enlarge-

Assalamualaikum wbt.

Howdy ! I'm now going to share a fun game with you guys ! It is commonly known as WordSearch. I think , it's going to be much more interesting if I try to rename it . Since the words that we don't know where are they actually , are hidden silently in the box below , I can simply rename this fun game as Hide and Seek .

I know.. I know .. Hide and Seek is actually an outdoor game for children to play around . I just feel like to use it for this game . It's not totally wrong , right ? ^^

So , here are some instructions for you !
  • Print this . You can write this out on a paper as well ! A coloured one could be nice ! :)
  • Use a bright highlighter or a pencil to highlight or circle the words that you have found.
  • Once you have found the words , do respond to this article .
  • There is an answer box below .
  • Go and try to find all 26 words in a short time ! Let's compare whoever that can find the answers faster ! ^^
And this is the answer !!!

I hope that everyone will love this game ! Do respond !

Cheers !

This is actually an article for my first on-line assignment for BEL260 .
So followers and readers , enjoy !
Article response : Madam Nadia's Task
(Do click this if you want to visit my lecturer's blog ! ) ^^

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Go away , please ?

Assalamualaikum wbt .

It was coincidence that the day that I planned to go back to Seremban is the day that I started to have fever . It was just a normal fever at first . I thought it would be gone after I ate medicine and took a nap . But , it has become worst until I needed to see a doctor . I hate seeing a doctor , seriously . But , I managed to go and get some medicines for me .
And now , I still have my fever . I even got bad flu .

==" Urgh , come on . Not now ..

I'm thinking about my upcoming MKT quiz . and ! My plan to go shopping with my room-mates ! HAHA . Please fever , go away !

and hell yeah , my article is hell short because my fever is still present .
and it's just because I feel bored so I wanted to write a bit ! HAHA .

Bye !

and as usual , pic : credit to google

Done !

Assalamualaikum wbt . :)

Hello hello ! I've done changing my header and layout . For the layout , I've decided to use the Pink one . I actually don't really know how to pick up nice layout . I did think to learn on how to make my own layout by myself . But it's just too difficult . But I'll surely learn it one day ! ^^


pic : credit to google

Under construction !

Assalamualaikum wbt .

My blog is under construction . I'm in the middle of changing my layout and header . As u can see now , my layout is Pink . I'm trying to find another better layout . This layout is nice but I don't really into Pink so I think it's better for me to find another one . ^^ I won't post anything until I've changed everything that I want . Till then , bye ! :)

pic : credit to google
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