Monday, December 12, 2011

K-Pop ? 2PM ?

Assalamualaikum wbt.

Hey there . Especially for the k-pop lovers and HOTTEST ! Well , you can easily tell that I'm crazily love 2PM more that other k-pop boy groups . Well , I did post an entry but it was a long time ago about the reason why I love 2PM .

Well , Malaysian people always believe that K-pop music industry is becoming more popular because of their topless looks , plastic surgery and etc . Well , I'm not denying . They look very good with their hot abs and pretty face .

But , it's not just that . They are working very hard to achieve what they already have now . And I think our local industry need to work harder to achieve it too tho . THINK !

Okay now , my twitter account has become an account for me to communicate with other HOTTESTs ! This is so cool ! HAHA . Originally , I just wanted to follow 2PM's twitter accounts . Instead of knowing their life updates , it's interesting if I can share my craziness about 2PM with other Hottest as well .

So Hottest , just click here to go to my twitter account . Click the follow button . I'll surely follow you back ^^

Love ,
2PM's loyal fan ,


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Rainn said...


ninie said...

i really don't understands that most people nowadays really hate kpop...and so do with the people who are crazy about it.. i think its an individual opinion and interest towards something... i hope one day these people will realized that it is none of their business to get into other people interest.....

mimiey said...


Thank you darling ^^

mimiey said...


yes.I dunno why some people love to judge about our love towards kpop. It's just a common interest . =)

ninie said...

so lets have faith and endure every words from the haters T_T

mimiey said...

Yes . We need to . =)

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