Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Dubu Dubu Seoul Food, Mid Valley

Assalamualaikum and a very very very good evening to everyone ! 

*big smile* Have you taken your meal? Are you currently starving? Hikhik .. Hmm this blog has remained unchanged since my last post about Eid Mubarak. So, how was your Eid-ul Adha going ? Must be so wonderful with all those Daging Rendang etc .. :)

And now, this is my latest update with a review about a Korean Restaurant !!! It's actually not a worrisome to go to Korean Restaurants nowadays since they are aware of Muslim people and provide Halal food. My friends and I did check about the restaurant's status and Dubu Dubu Seoul Food is indeed a Halal Korean Restaurant. 

Dubu Dubu Seoul Food, Mid Valley

So these are the menus that we ordered that day ~ I'm telling you , all these 4 main servings have good portions and it's worth paying with that price ..

 One Set of Chicken Bulgogi (RM 17.90)
*These chicken pieces taste so good with the purple rice*

One set of Cheese Toppoki (RM 15.90)
 *Like seriously, I didn't expect for toppoki to have cheese with it. I ordered this and daebak ! Highly recommended menu ! You might expect that the amount of toppoki is more than the cheese, ayte ? But it has enough cheese and make me feel so full after that. *happy tummy*

One Set of  Dolshot Bibimpap (RM 16.90)
*It's normal for Korean food to have a lot of vegetables, ayte ~~ Haha to me, I hate food with vegetables eventho it's healthy . Hoho .. But to those that love vegetables , this is perfect !

One Set of Mee Udon Spicy Food (RM 15.90)
Here, my friend chose this serving. Since this was our first try in trying Korean food, we had completely no idea for this serving to have spicy taste. Thank god, she's an expert in eating spicy food and she loves this ! Lucky that I didn't order this or I would be a dead meat ! >.< 

Pajeon (Korean Pancake) with its special sauce ala carte (RM 10.50)
We add another side dishes for four of us. Pa-jeon taste is slightly like our Cucur Udang, I guess .. The difference is just it has its special sauce with sesame seeds in it. 

What about the 4 side dishes along with the servings ? The Kimchi tastes good. To me, I will have that one strong taste if the Kimchi is not well-made but the Kimchi is not that sour and it's good to go with the servings. The soup is also good with egg in it . Other two are fermented fruit (actually I'm not really sure with the name but it does taste like fermented fruit) and bean sprouts .

The drinks ..
 Citron Tea (RM 4.90)
*It tastes bitter* >.<

Peach Tea (RM 4.90)
*Good to go, it has sweet taste*

We paid RM 98.35 including the service charge and Mineral Water (RM 2.50). While enjoying the food, we were being entertained with Super Junior's concert in Shanghai if I'm not mistaken. 

Have a good time in Dubu Dubu !!! :D

 Jue and me

Aini and Ila

Bye :DD *waving*
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