Thursday, March 31, 2011



yeah, so! I feel like I want to type something. So, I did! Well, I don't have any original plan for today. Except for going out with my friend and be a stylist. I am told to help in choosing some clothes for a gathering.

HAHA. b-but, I am here. I am in my room for the whole day time. The plan was being cancelled. Bahh.. So sad. I was so excited to be a wannabe-stylist. But yo, we don't have enough time to go shopping!

So, lets just stay in my room! And fill in my precious time with blog reviews, facebook, twitter, formspring, and more.

I've been waiting for a vlog from some vloggers that I like. But, there is none. Then. I watched Maria Elena's video which is a video from .

Okay, today's entry is just like =.="" . heh? HAHA. yeah, boring.

I want to sleep but I can't. It's not because I'm not sleepy. But, I just can't let myself sleep.
Urh, my mum will get mad at me and yeah! Don't sleep.

And, I'm becoming a bit MORE plump than before. I do realize but I can't stop eating. HAHA.
So, I decided to try Atkins. So, lets Atkins!


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Be strong, Japan!


We meet again.. Are you doing find there? Hey folks, I found a website that writes about Japan. One of the entry is about donation. They request for some donations from us. For the sake of Japanese people that have been sufferin
g from the huge Tsunami a few weeks ago, they came out with an idea.

What is the idea???

Socks are needed! They do need socks for Japanese people. There are several ways if you want to make a donation. Do click the website's link below if you wish to make a donation. The amount of socks are unlimited.


You must be asking WHY they want you to donate socks? So, feel free to read through the article on the website and think. ^^

Since I'm a student, (not really a student but a person that have just done her major exam.),,
I can't afford to buy them by using my own money. So, I just can help them by putting on the website's link here and make a simple review about the website. Also, put up the website's link on my Facebook's account. I've clicked the LIKE button too!

I suddenly am feeling upset when I think about the victims. When I read through the website, I saw some pictures with happy smiles while receiving the socks. It's something valuable when we make someone feel at ease. Rite? I, myself do feel happy when I do some good deeds for others!

So!, what are you waiting for? Go and click the website's link below.

Happy reading, Happy donating!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Twitter And Me!


Hey, realize something? I've changed my layout!! haha. Is it good enough for me to throw up my sad, gloomy mood? For now, I don't want to see any black here. hehe. ^^

The main topic here is about twitter. Twitter? What is twitter? Twitter is one of the social websites that we can use to interact with other people. Actually, there is a lot more.

So, I've made one. Do follow me okayy! Click this cute smile :) if you want to follow me! or....
I've put up my twitter's page for you guys. ^^ So, don't be hesitated and click that cute, blue button!

I'm not an active member. Just, I want to use it so that I can interact with my 2PM. HAHA. (Mimiey, enough with Korea!)

I can't stop myself from talking about them. Told ya~~ It's crazy. heh.
But still, I need to stop. HAHA.

Instead of having a new twitter's page. Not twister juice for sure. ^^ I also found a few blogs that will give some inspiration to write more and more. HAHA. I love blog-reviewing so much! Okay, I'm going to do it again.


NOTE: Is there anyone with severe emotional? depression? Take it easy.. Joys will not come before suffer. ^^

Monday, March 28, 2011

Severe Emotional


I'm starting this entry with a questionable title.. ^^
Questionable? Perhaps..?

Trauma? Phobia? Both are just the same. Rite? They will occur when there is something bad or maybe creepy, mysterious, horrible happened to you. As for me, I don't have anything to be scared of. I have nothing to think about that will drive me crazy. Alhamdulillah. ^^

"In this particular time, I can't even sleep well. Something keeps coming into my mind. And sometimes, my chest hurt and suddenly tears will come out from my small eyes. I feel like I want to cut myself. If I could have another two extra hands, I will bury myself in a deep deep and deep hole. A very deep hole. A very dark hole. So that, no one can see me. And I can simply hide my self. To be exact, I can kill myself silently."

Okay. This is not something that came out from my mind. It's just something that I've read somewhere. Of course, internet. Not books for sure! Because I'm not going to waste my money on emo books. heh. Well, this kind of feeling is certainly related with someone with severe depression. Maybe, with trauma or phobia too. They can't help themselves from avoiding depression. Persons that can't control themselves. They keep thinking the same thing everyday.

I don't know why I posted this entry. I just can't help myself from writing about this again and again. This is just something that my heart wanted to do. Perhaps, there is actually something that I'm curious about. But, I can't find the way to discover about that. Who knows?

Okay guys. Be good. Don't be too emotional. Take care of yourself. Have a great day! I wish you good luck! A special Good Luck...


NOTE: hey, hows FF? Good? Bad? So-So? HAHA.

I am sure that this entry MUST have some sentences with broken English? ^^

Saturday, March 26, 2011

FanFictions. I do love them. :)

Assalamualaikum. Hey, guys.
Again. I'm writing again! Again! HAHA.
(macam lost kat Frazer Hill pulak. heh. )

Okay now. I just don't want to waste my time listening to musics.. downloading movies. downloading series..
So, I decided to write something. For the last few days, I've written an article about vlogging.
so, are you planning to make your own supa dupa funky videos? go ahead! and I'll be one of you subsribers. :))) Do tell me if you've done one!

And now, it's about FanFictions or FanFic or FF or fic! Based on the wikipedia lah. haha. so, when we heard about fanfiction, it's totally related to artists. And nowadays, people or maybe I can say FANS out there love to write fanfictions. or maybe make YT videos about their beloved idols. I am positive that everyone has their own favorite artists. aren't ya? so do I!

I am currently reading a fanfiction from a forum that loves 2PM & 2AM. 2PM & 2AM are two Korean bands that have made all girls go crazy. but, I am not that crazy. In short, I'm not a fanatic fan. Fullstop! haha. I just love the way they express themselves. The way they dance and sing. Thats crazy! HAHA.

What can I say when I read the fanfiction is.. we can get excitements.. lotsa excitement! But, what is the most important is you are their fans. Not haters. So that, you are not going to suffer while reading the fanfictions. Rite?

Enough with a short entry from me. See ya!


NOTE: For those who want the forum's link, do post a comment below. Love ya. Trust me, the forum is the best!

ooppss! I've forgotten about something. I'd promised ya that I will review about Maria Elina.
Ok, here go. She is so brave. Even I, don't have enough confident to be in front of camera. So, go girl. :)))

Thursday, March 24, 2011


Assalamualaikum guys!

hey there, how do u do.? today, I'm not letting any pictures to do talking. heh. I love to think about the world. and observe that there a lot new stuffs here and there. and there is something really make my day.
~totally make my day.u better trust me!~

well, It's v-log! yeah. sort of interesting. this is not something totally fresh, but still, it's new. the number of v-loggers in our own country is increasing from time to time. well, i'm the one who love to watch v-loggers. especially, those with creative ideas, good looking(of coz. haha. )
and the way they talk in English too!
oh boy, so so so good!

months ago, I don't really care about those v-loggers. I thought that they are just making fun. but, they are making fun for others too. other than giving us valuable informations. or maybe something that we should think over it back. they also give us something to laugh out loud. HAHAHAHA.!!! (-rofl-)

I never thought to make one from my own self. bcoz I dont think that I can make better than them.
well, mybe I should try. but, not now. HAHA. -perasan!!-

ok, here, I have two vloggers that I love to watch. one that always speak in English. and his english is FREAKIN' good. oh boy, he is so good. and another one is his rival. but, they are good. both are good!!

inianwarhadi & matluthfi90
(one of their creative videos)

I've just started to watch Maria Elina. I'll review about her later. ok?
enjoy yrself!


Sunday, March 20, 2011

It Was For Her!

Asslamualaikum wbt.

Hey guys! yesterday, hang out dgn seniors. yes, a srprise b'day party!! I wish u a beautiful birthday, sis.

ok. here is the cake. vanilla. she do love vanilla. and here u go. ^^

It's her. heh. ^^

posing time!!!

a talk show with..?

upset with the pic. it's a candid btw. dislike! hey, mr-who-works-at-kfc,, do it nicely lah!

paparazzzi! hahahahaha..


sweet photos! (up) hehe.

i knoe that this pic is blur. totally blur! but, i cant help my self from putting it on my blog. well, we decided to go to sbn parade. karaoke time!

I love cheese. so, i just said cheese all the time. heh. it was a bit hard for me to sing along with them bcoz i dun really knoe malay songs. btw, it was fun to be there! btw, i knoe some of the Datuk Siti's songs!

it was a-one-scene-drama directed by them. HAHA.

okay then,

Monday, March 7, 2011

How are you, Friendster?


How are you, friendster?
haha. since skarang ramai yg dah tuka mood. asyik fb jer memanjang. aku pown same jer. bngun jer tido, fb-ing! HAHA. tapi kan, ape yg dah terjadi dekat social pages yg lain2.? like friendster, sangat lengang. kesian.. kesian. aku tergerak laa nk edit sana sini kat friendster aku. well, terlebih rajin agaknyer. aku pegi lah hang around kat page lain2. senang nk ckap, mmg ramai giler kott mmber2 friendster aku dah lame x login. luper p/w dah agaknyer kan.

yg pasti, aku kene pegi tengok his page lah. ^^ .. mood down sbb jumpe sesuatu yg aku sndiri x ingin nak tgk. haihh. siapakah itu? pelik, pelik dan pelik. flower mood dah lesap pegi mane tah.

ok lah guys. check out lah my new page layout. keke. lagu pown dh tuka. haha. cume,, cmment x bertambah. agak mess up sbb mls nk dlete decor kt page tue. mmber pown x brtmbah, x brkurang. aku x aktif lgsung dh. haihh. skadar name jer. keke. in short, bleh tgk diri aku utk taun2 yg lepas2 dr friendster lah. *.*

conclusion utk topic niey yer :: jage lah hati sy. ^^ keke. to all boyfriends out there, gf korang xkan suke korg publish pic korang ngn gurl lain lah. mom is accepted. ^^ aku ckp berdasarkan survey terkini. HAHAHA. even though, tht gurl is yr BFF or whtever. HAHA.
-nape aku tibe2 bg tips cheesy niey? ouh.. ~~goosebumps~~ haha.


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