Thursday, March 24, 2011


Assalamualaikum guys!

hey there, how do u do.? today, I'm not letting any pictures to do talking. heh. I love to think about the world. and observe that there a lot new stuffs here and there. and there is something really make my day.
~totally make my day.u better trust me!~

well, It's v-log! yeah. sort of interesting. this is not something totally fresh, but still, it's new. the number of v-loggers in our own country is increasing from time to time. well, i'm the one who love to watch v-loggers. especially, those with creative ideas, good looking(of coz. haha. )
and the way they talk in English too!
oh boy, so so so good!

months ago, I don't really care about those v-loggers. I thought that they are just making fun. but, they are making fun for others too. other than giving us valuable informations. or maybe something that we should think over it back. they also give us something to laugh out loud. HAHAHAHA.!!! (-rofl-)

I never thought to make one from my own self. bcoz I dont think that I can make better than them.
well, mybe I should try. but, not now. HAHA. -perasan!!-

ok, here, I have two vloggers that I love to watch. one that always speak in English. and his english is FREAKIN' good. oh boy, he is so good. and another one is his rival. but, they are good. both are good!!

inianwarhadi & matluthfi90
(one of their creative videos)

I've just started to watch Maria Elina. I'll review about her later. ok?
enjoy yrself!


2 idealistic:

AsH said...

i also have been thinking of doing that kind of thing for quite a time... well.. i've never try it out yet... lol...

mimiey said...

just try it!
i'll support ya.
kamon2.. haha.

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