Monday, March 28, 2011

Severe Emotional


I'm starting this entry with a questionable title.. ^^
Questionable? Perhaps..?

Trauma? Phobia? Both are just the same. Rite? They will occur when there is something bad or maybe creepy, mysterious, horrible happened to you. As for me, I don't have anything to be scared of. I have nothing to think about that will drive me crazy. Alhamdulillah. ^^

"In this particular time, I can't even sleep well. Something keeps coming into my mind. And sometimes, my chest hurt and suddenly tears will come out from my small eyes. I feel like I want to cut myself. If I could have another two extra hands, I will bury myself in a deep deep and deep hole. A very deep hole. A very dark hole. So that, no one can see me. And I can simply hide my self. To be exact, I can kill myself silently."

Okay. This is not something that came out from my mind. It's just something that I've read somewhere. Of course, internet. Not books for sure! Because I'm not going to waste my money on emo books. heh. Well, this kind of feeling is certainly related with someone with severe depression. Maybe, with trauma or phobia too. They can't help themselves from avoiding depression. Persons that can't control themselves. They keep thinking the same thing everyday.

I don't know why I posted this entry. I just can't help myself from writing about this again and again. This is just something that my heart wanted to do. Perhaps, there is actually something that I'm curious about. But, I can't find the way to discover about that. Who knows?

Okay guys. Be good. Don't be too emotional. Take care of yourself. Have a great day! I wish you good luck! A special Good Luck...


NOTE: hey, hows FF? Good? Bad? So-So? HAHA.

I am sure that this entry MUST have some sentences with broken English? ^^

2 idealistic:

AsH said...

now that i read this... my pressure deepens... huhuhuu

mimiey said...

Ouh friend..
Don't be. I could feel the same way if u continue like this!
As i wrote in the article, person with severe emotional is someone that can't control their feelings.
stop thinking and relax your mind.

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