Saturday, March 26, 2011

FanFictions. I do love them. :)

Assalamualaikum. Hey, guys.
Again. I'm writing again! Again! HAHA.
(macam lost kat Frazer Hill pulak. heh. )

Okay now. I just don't want to waste my time listening to musics.. downloading movies. downloading series..
So, I decided to write something. For the last few days, I've written an article about vlogging.
so, are you planning to make your own supa dupa funky videos? go ahead! and I'll be one of you subsribers. :))) Do tell me if you've done one!

And now, it's about FanFictions or FanFic or FF or fic! Based on the wikipedia lah. haha. so, when we heard about fanfiction, it's totally related to artists. And nowadays, people or maybe I can say FANS out there love to write fanfictions. or maybe make YT videos about their beloved idols. I am positive that everyone has their own favorite artists. aren't ya? so do I!

I am currently reading a fanfiction from a forum that loves 2PM & 2AM. 2PM & 2AM are two Korean bands that have made all girls go crazy. but, I am not that crazy. In short, I'm not a fanatic fan. Fullstop! haha. I just love the way they express themselves. The way they dance and sing. Thats crazy! HAHA.

What can I say when I read the fanfiction is.. we can get excitements.. lotsa excitement! But, what is the most important is you are their fans. Not haters. So that, you are not going to suffer while reading the fanfictions. Rite?

Enough with a short entry from me. See ya!


NOTE: For those who want the forum's link, do post a comment below. Love ya. Trust me, the forum is the best!

ooppss! I've forgotten about something. I'd promised ya that I will review about Maria Elina.
Ok, here go. She is so brave. Even I, don't have enough confident to be in front of camera. So, go girl. :)))

2 idealistic:

Secret Drifter said...

eh u suaka fanfiction ??

same here

pasal vlog ?? u nak buat ke??

i got my vlog channel... n u can tgk if u want !!

mimiey said...

@ secret drifter.

hye! FOA, thanx for dropping by. ^^

i suke sgt fanfic. make me go crazy lah. haha. bleh stay dpan pc 24/7 ya know.

vlog? nah.. i just one of vlog's fans. i dun want to make one. kot. u got one? i'm going to watch ya!

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