Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Be strong, Japan!


We meet again.. Are you doing find there? Hey folks, I found a website that writes about Japan. One of the entry is about donation. They request for some donations from us. For the sake of Japanese people that have been sufferin
g from the huge Tsunami a few weeks ago, they came out with an idea.

What is the idea???

Socks are needed! They do need socks for Japanese people. There are several ways if you want to make a donation. Do click the website's link below if you wish to make a donation. The amount of socks are unlimited.


You must be asking WHY they want you to donate socks? So, feel free to read through the article on the website and think. ^^

Since I'm a student, (not really a student but a person that have just done her major exam.),,
I can't afford to buy them by using my own money. So, I just can help them by putting on the website's link here and make a simple review about the website. Also, put up the website's link on my Facebook's account. I've clicked the LIKE button too!

I suddenly am feeling upset when I think about the victims. When I read through the website, I saw some pictures with happy smiles while receiving the socks. It's something valuable when we make someone feel at ease. Rite? I, myself do feel happy when I do some good deeds for others!

So!, what are you waiting for? Go and click the website's link below.

Happy reading, Happy donating!

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