Sunday, March 20, 2011

It Was For Her!

Asslamualaikum wbt.

Hey guys! yesterday, hang out dgn seniors. yes, a srprise b'day party!! I wish u a beautiful birthday, sis.

ok. here is the cake. vanilla. she do love vanilla. and here u go. ^^

It's her. heh. ^^

posing time!!!

a talk show with..?

upset with the pic. it's a candid btw. dislike! hey, mr-who-works-at-kfc,, do it nicely lah!

paparazzzi! hahahahaha..


sweet photos! (up) hehe.

i knoe that this pic is blur. totally blur! but, i cant help my self from putting it on my blog. well, we decided to go to sbn parade. karaoke time!

I love cheese. so, i just said cheese all the time. heh. it was a bit hard for me to sing along with them bcoz i dun really knoe malay songs. btw, it was fun to be there! btw, i knoe some of the Datuk Siti's songs!

it was a-one-scene-drama directed by them. HAHA.

okay then,

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