Monday, March 4, 2013

Malam Anugerah Seni UKM 2013

Assalamualaikum wbt everyone ~ 

We meet again .. After for a long time .. So, this is me who loves to update whenever I have big events. So, last Sat I went for a dinner at UKM which needed me to dress In floral vintage. So, don't ask me how much I had spent for only my dress in order to attend the dinner ! >.<

Voguely I passed the stairs which needs me to control my nervousness while others are looking at me and my friends who have just arrived at the ball room. Awwww ! Haha. *excited* Since the event was based on 'Seni' so of course I watched lotsa performances from the student of UKM itself. God they are just so freaking talented ! From the singers, dancers and even the announcers ! Hmmm well yeahhh ~ Haha ! I guess, the annoucer's idol is Aznil Haji Nawawi. Kiki ~

So, here some pictures of us ! :DDDDD

The grant performances !!!


Choir Group of KPTM Bangi

Assalamualaikum wbt.

“I’ve never heard that this college actually has a choir group” 

This is what I remember until now. It has been quite some times after I was so active with my drama activity in my school. So it was quite awkward to me to be on stage again. But I’m so honoured that I still have the chance to stand out.

At the first place, I didn’t decide to join until my friend, Aini which really loves to sing asked me to sing along. I was screwed. Haha. To be frank, I am not that good in singing. I am just so bad at it. I do remember that I learnt to sing for a really short time in school before. Ahh forget it. I love my English drama practise more than anything!

I am telling you .., even though I don’t like to sing but I love the voice of others when we sing together. We had been trained by AbangIssz and AbangZul which from UKM. We used just about 4 days to sing 3 songs in a row. They are indeed great trainers. We performed the song on HariKualiti KPTM Bangi witch gathers almost all the lecturers at the hall.

Pictures  ~~~

Keep Your Head Up, It's Me !

Assalamualaikum wbt.

            I am Nur Syamimi binti Abdul Majid and people usually call me Mimi. Some people love to use Syamimi to call me formally. I’m fine with these two names. I am now studying in Business Studies (Transportation) in Kolej Poly-Tech Mara Bangi which leads me to the business in transportation world. This is indeed an interesting course to me. Personally, I would prefer studying calculations subjects rather than learning the reading subjects.

            To speak about my personality, I always stand out with my perfectionist side. I know this personality can bring up positive and negative effects but I am born to be like this. Since I am now a grown up person so I am trying to minimize the level of perfectionist and think what’s good and what’s not. I got some lessons whenever I am asking myself to be patient and understand others’ thoughts. I might be wrong since nobody is completely perfect with excellent level of thinking and skills.

            Apparently, I am having this blog. So, I could easily tell that this is my only hobby that I can stick with. People usually use blog as their diaries and write whatever they have done for a day. To me, I use blog to tell what the interesting things that I have experienced so far. Sharing something that even interesting is fun to me. I feel like helping others whenever I make reviews about some places, events etc. Feel free to visit my first blog :

            I do have other hobbies. Bowling is my second option whenever I get bored with my laptop. I have been in love with bowling since I was 13 years old. I had once assigned as a bowling player but I didn't manage to continue. I thought that I could do something else that can give me more benefits instead of playing bowling.

            The subject IT is another subject which needs my reading and memorizing skill. I am trying my best to ace this subject and I am confident that I can do it. I believe in myself, InsyaAllah.

                                             The picture of us. Transporters of KPTM Bangi.

* IT's assignment
*Dedicated to Madam Hayati

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