Saturday, December 10, 2011

Go away , please ?

Assalamualaikum wbt .

It was coincidence that the day that I planned to go back to Seremban is the day that I started to have fever . It was just a normal fever at first . I thought it would be gone after I ate medicine and took a nap . But , it has become worst until I needed to see a doctor . I hate seeing a doctor , seriously . But , I managed to go and get some medicines for me .
And now , I still have my fever . I even got bad flu .

==" Urgh , come on . Not now ..

I'm thinking about my upcoming MKT quiz . and ! My plan to go shopping with my room-mates ! HAHA . Please fever , go away !

and hell yeah , my article is hell short because my fever is still present .
and it's just because I feel bored so I wanted to write a bit ! HAHA .

Bye !

and as usual , pic : credit to google

2 idealistic:

Rainn said...

Get well soon , kak mimiey! :)

mimiey said...

Thanx darling ^^

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