Saturday, April 2, 2011

U-Kiss-0330 : MV + Lyric + English Translation


Annyong haseyo.. hehe. Okay.. Okayy.. This is probably my second entry about Korea OR Kpop.! And the first entry was about 2PM. HAHA. The reason
why I don't want to make any review about Korea here is because this is a blog that I use for telling about myself. :)

B: but, I can't stop from thinking about another beast idol group that has just released an album with a beautiful hit song. Even though it is actually a song about someone that has a broken heart, I keep thinking that this is a song for someone in love. ^^

The song has a very very beautiful melody. And I love the main vocalist damn much.!
Which isssssss Shin Soo Hyun! ^.^ I just love him because of his voice. HiHi.

Here, I am happily put up the video. ^^ I'm so addicted to this song.
FYI, I listen to this song everyday!


video :: credit to :: UKissSNSDBigBang ::

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