Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Poet To Be


Poet To Be? I'm not going to be a poet but I just wanted to talk about a competition that was being held in SMKSA. It was a Pesta Pantun. Few days ago, I got a phone call from Cikgu Anita. She wanted me to give some helps for my juniors. They are going to compete in the competition. And need me and other Pantun's seniors to help them.

It was about 2 days before competition, I went to school and taught them. Since, I don't have any reason to practice my Pantun's skills at home. So, my skills are becoming poor. HAHA. Thank God, Cikgu Aniza which has very awesome skill in Pantun helped me.

I did my best. I told them everything that came into my mind. Mentally prepared is needed. Body posture. Eye contact. Speed. Seriousness.

1 day before the competition. Farah and I were involved in the rehearsal. I can't help my self from laughing because I felt like I was still a student because I felt so nervous. -Cold hand-

The rehearsal went smoothly. And my juniors accept every comments about them. They are good. Very good. They can be a poet perhaps. HAHA.

And yesterday, I was proud with them because they won over STTJ and ACS. But, lost to KGV. But still, they got place. 2nd Runner Up. Congrats!!!

For me, it's much better. SMKSA is increasing slightly. And it's good. Perhaps, this school will be the real champion in a few years more? Who knows.

Congratz Guys! You did your best already!


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