Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sweet Diary: Swimming


~teary eyes~

Hey there.. Haa.. I'm too lazy to type anything right now. But, since I'm so excited to tell you guys about today. So, I decided to write one for ya.

Yesterday, I went to the post office in order to send the box. A box of socks. Diyan, Mini and Nad were there too. And then, we went to Wawa's house. There were some beautiful pashmina s there. I picked the purple one. Because I have a purple blouse at home. I wish, it will look good on me.

Lunch hour! So, we ate McD. hehe.

Then, Nad decided to go swimming today. Since I don't know how to swim. I thought that I could just play around at the swimming pool. HAHA. So, I decided to follow them.

9 in the morning. Engine starto! HAHA. RM2 paid! And off to the swimming pool. I actually love to learn on how to swim. So, I asked Diyan to teach. Waa.. I didn't expect that Diyan, Nad and Syahirah swim very well. They taught me well too. Sadly, I couldn't make my body float for a long time.

HAHA. I was bored. So I played around with Linda. HAHA. Until 12. I'm full with water. Urh. Bad! I was drowned in the swimming pool. HAHA. Funneh. Glad, Diyan was there to help me. HEHE.

We felt so hungry and decided to go to KFC's Carrefour. Hihi. The new menu was very tasty. HAHA. And, we can't stop laughing because of the KFC's worker. Well, he actually needs to do something with himself tho. HAHAHAHAHA..

I'm off to bed!


2 idealistic:

Unknown said...

tak ajakkkk. you guys were having fun without inviting me. i am damn bored at home taw takkk -.-" darn it. okay fineeeeeeeeee lahhhhhhhhhh. i wasn't even invited ponn. emo ahh cemni. mogok 1 week. hehh.

Mimiey said...

relax dear. kereta penuh lah since linda and syahirah kan ade. and igt ko koje lah. aish.. xmau lah mogok2. buruk tau x. haha.. we still rmmber u lah farah. aigoo..
nnti i dh bleh drive, i angkut u skali lah pegi mane2. so, pegi mane2 bwk due kete. sonang. HAHA.

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