Wednesday, April 13, 2011

English Is A Must?


Olla ppl!
I'm here again. Well, as you know, I'm currently handling for the socks donating. But, I still do have time for blogging.

Today's article is about English. It's a simple title right? To be frank, I love listening to Korean and Japanese songs. I'm a big fan of them!

Don't you think that almost all of their songs will be mixed up with several English words? ALMOST! At first, it's okay for me. But, nowadays. It's officially being a trend for some composers or song writers to produce a new nice song. Aren't they?

I'm not someone that love to comment on the lyrics. Some people do love some songs based on the beautiful lyrics. But for me, any songs with good melody will do! HAHA. But, sometimes, I'll be feeling curious about the meaning of Korean and Japanese language. So, I read the translation of the songs. And also the original lyrics.

Sometimes, the lyric is laughable because of the English words. I'm Malay and I think that mixing two languages in a song is a bit weird though.

B~but!! In the other way around, by mixing two languages in a song is the easiest way in producing a song. That's just my thought.

I can say that because I know 1 or 2 steps on how to make a song lyric.

And now. I'm used to hear their songs. Their songs are always the best for me. At least, they can attract more fans from other countries. It's one of the benefits right??

But, I'll always be waiting for a non-mix song from them. ^^


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