Thursday, September 3, 2009

No less No More,iT's an AFS Programme..

Salam sumer..

hmm.. hari niey idop aku ok kot. haha.. pagi2 lagi dapat news kelas aku kene attend ceramah. 2 sesi pulak tue. aku pergi jer. lagi best dapat dengar ceramah sebenarnya. for the first session,it was about AFS Programme. I was wondering about something. kenape nak buat ceramah pulak? ini kali pertama since aku study kat sk niey. maybe peratus pelajar yang tau pasal AFS niey belum lagi sampai tahap yang dijangkakan kot. klu nak kira, untuk tahun niey,, only 2 orang jer dari form 4 yang apply..form 5 pown sikit jugak.

hmm.. aku rasa2 interview yang aku attend hari tue macam tak dapat jer. pelik jugak tau, aku belum dapat surat jawapan lagi. surat tue semua student yang attend akan dapat tapi isi surat tak semestinya menyatakan tentang lulus interview. kemungkinan gagal. kira surat tue macam surat pemberitahuan lar..problemnya, aku tak dapat lagi but students form 5 dah dapat. apa2 pown, aku harapkan yang terbaik untuk diri aku and student yang lain jugak.

berbanding dengan ceramah kerjaya, aku prefer ceramah AFS niey.

it is something new for me even aku dah ader maklumat dier.. but, each of the experience is very precious for me. I love to listen some stories from the facilitators. they were talking about their way of life with their host family. but, there are a lot of things that you have to be alert if you wanna be in AFS programme..

lets check it out. you need to get ready for the interview. it is something serious and it's not going to be easy without some tricky questions. maybe they will ask about how you gonna face some problems when you are already there(in your host country).
just take this-GET READY-... there are a lot of 'special' questions for you.

dan kepada sesiapa yang sama batch dengan aku mase interview hari tue, and lulus. congrats, guys!! love you and good luck. remember that you have to take it seriously. don't be too careless. and it does'nt matter if you failed for the second interview. I know that you have another chance to go somewhere else with different programme and scholarship.. .. :D

and the facilitators also told me about AFS private joke...haha.. you know, student dari Malaysia or other countries pown akan menambahkan berat badan. I think, maybe it is because of the weather and so many delicious food. (and I think this is one of the fact for AFS)..haha..

**If I failed for this year's interview. I not going to give up but I will try another for next year's programme. and I will learn more on how to face the interviewer.. and answer their 'favourite' questions....haha...

2 idealistic:

AsH said...

i'm sure you wont fail that interview so easily..
just do your best mimie-chan... kui3..

Mimiey said...

arigato gozaimas, alep-kun!
gambate ru!!

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