Friday, August 29, 2014

My Syawal Went Like This

Assalamualaikum wbt.

Syawal ended and here some stories.





They made my days in Syawal. *smooch*

Friday, August 22, 2014

Mafarikha - Tolong

Ku mengucap seribu kata
Tapi tiada makna bagimu
Kau cerita seribu nama
Tiada satu tentang diriku

Tahukah engkau
Bila nanti ku tiada denganmu
Bisakah engkau
Bila nanti ku tiada denganmu

Tolonglah aku
Terima diriku sebagaimana ku terima kamu
Tolonglah aku
Adakan dirimu sebagaimana ku ada untukmu
Tolonglah aku

Jika ku hilang dari sisimu
Sebagaimana kau lakukan padaku
Ku cuma mahu kau merasakan
Sakit hatiku bersamamu

Tolonglah aku
Terima diriku sebagaimana ku terima kamu
Tolonglah aku
Adakan dirimu sebagaimana ku ada untukmu

Tolong jangan kau biarkan
Cinta sebenarnya tidak ada
Tolong jangan kau tinggalkanku
Bila kau benar-benar cinta kepadaku

Tolonglah aku
Terima diriku seadanya aku
Sebagaimana aku menerima dirimu
Menerima cintamu seadanya kamu
Tolonglah aku


Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Three Musketeers

Assalamualaikum wbt ..

Yonghwa Alert !!!

So I bet everyone has been waiting anxiously for Yonghwa's new drama to come out and apparently the first ever episode has come out last Sunday. Sadly this drama will come out only once a week. That's sad. Don't you ?

Oh so you can tell that I already love this drama haha. Yes I do.

For the first 15 minutes of the first episode, I was trying to hold on to myself since the starter is a bit loose. Though it tells about Yonghwa at the first place yet it didn't woe me to watch more. You know the feeling when we really anticipate to know how well Yonghwa will be in a historical drama and I love korean historical drama and even waiting for one now. So this caused me to stay.

My curiosity aroused by the time Yonghwa reached Hanyang where everything was supposed to start. I mean like, the drama has just started when he was in Hanyang. lol. Then he faced problems about where to stay, finally has a place to stay and another problem came out and accidentally saw the three musketeers. The bold Yonghwa then make four of them get to know each other.

The part where everything was finally unconcealed, when the crown prince read Yonghwa's 5-years-ago letter from the crown princess itself which drove Yonghwa into a politic conspiracy. But that wasn't too absurd since the crown prince didn't take it personally.

I love how Yonghwa was deceived by the crown prince itself. The heartbroken part,he cried. Awww ~ The leader of the three musketeers calmed him down with some drinks, and it appears that he is the crown prince. Cliche. But funny.

Oh not sure who is the female lead but apparently only the crown princess was shown in the first episode. So it must be her right ? Trying to figure out her name but I don't know her from any other dramas tho. Do you know, somehow ? Whatever it is, she's cute and clumsy and outspoken. Which common things that we have from the female lead right ? Hahaha

I don't know why they should name this drama as The Three Musketeers. I wish they can make it way more specific.

Really anticipate for the next cliche. Haha. Till then !

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Friday, August 15, 2014


Assalamualaikum wbt.

The moment when I have ..

The thoughts of having another new chapter of life.

I am honestly ...

Torn Apart

Yet I couldn't express all these feelings well at once.

How ? A little help ?


Friday, August 8, 2014

Homemade Inai : Beautiful Yet Harmful

Assalamualaikum wbt.

Nail arts nowadays has gone viral with lots of creative make over with the ombre nails. I cannot lie that I myself have fallen in love with all those drawings that those girls had on their nails. *envy*

That moment, when seduction nail appear I was amazed and of course decided to try since most of my friends have tried and the outcome are awesome. I did some research about the homemade inai and the mixtures are worrisome since they mix axion; the dishwasher paste, food colouring and limestone paste.

I know you will say that I won't try. Even once.

But I tried because I was too curious about this inai. (face palm) So, I applied for 15 minutes as how the seller told me to. And she even warned me not to apply for more than 15 minutes but the colour still didn't satisfy me. So I applied for 40 minutes for the second time. Hmm it was longer than I expected.

What I could say here is the colour is so pretty and bright. And I shouldn't worry if the inai was a bit grimy. Because they will be fine after some times.

It's pretty outside but hurting me inside. :"( 


While waiting for the inai to dry by itself. My hands felt so so so itchy and a bit swollen.. 40 minutes have passed and I cleaned my nails as the inai have dried. I felt hurt so freaking much like my fingers were swelling due to the inai.

So I thought that I am allergic to the axion because I always am. I'm not always that compatible with any bleaches or detergents tho.

I would appreciate if you out there won't use this kind of inai anymore since it's actually harmful towards your nails. I used once and I won't use it again eventho the colour is very nice.

Pamper your nails. Don't make them suffer.

Till then.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

It's Okay It's Love

Assalamualaikum wbt.

You know fixi ? So I guess I can put you in the state of mind blowing.

Some of my friends back then loved to say that I am (practically was) good in motivating people around me. But frankly I don't read books related to the psychiatric-ish stuffs and so. I read some from Dr. Fadzilah Kamsah and somehow started to read some fixis and some Awang Murshids but not because of the mind-tricks that they basically have. But because they are fun .

It's Okay It's Love has come out with the concept of mind-tricks that I will never master in my life. Or what I could say, being mentally normal but somehow you could slip off and hit the bottom. You know, it's like being able to lead a normal life but you actually can't due to the disorders.

For the fist episode, nothing much to convince about how well Gong Hyo Jin as a psychiatrist but I love where Jo In Sung and Gong Hyo Jin were being put together in a talk show and did some mind-tricks debate. That's the raw talent that I wish I could have. Speak but trick.

Back in the schools, I barely believed into the speakers that came, talking about those psychiatric elements that related to the motivations. I had the thoughts that they are only well-trained speakers and that's enough. Haha.

I'll be watching this drama till the end of it. Because of the fresh concept.

Till then ~

Friday, July 11, 2014

What Should We Do for Palestine

I scrolled my facebook, twitter and instagram and everything is about how rage we are, the Muslims towards the Israel's wrong doings. This is the moment where I feel like the weakest person in this world that could only have her prays for them, the jihads.

I'm weak. Too weak to face the truth. Even when I know some paths to help, I couldn't be like how it supposed to be. Like how those boycott banners are spreading fast right now. I'm well informed about how some brands are giving out funds to help out Israel.


somehow the weak me might say, aren't we supposed to continue our life normally ? Like previously ? Let's just chill and enjoy everything that we want to have or eat. Ouch, what a cruel thinking I ever had. What a selfish mindset I ever began with. Stupid me. I'm too weak till I couldn't even promise myself that I can help them, our brothers and sisters there.

"Selemah-lemah iman bermula dari hati"

Let's start with your heart. The sincere one. Have some guts. Have some faiths. Make an intention. That you will try no matter how hard it is. Try.

Let's istiqomah for Palestine's beautiful future, insyaAllah.

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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Drama Review: Fated to Love You

Hye drama queens ! 

I have come to be a picky Korean drama lover since last two years approximately so for every drama that came out, I will do my own personal review only for the first episode. If the drama really attracts me then only I will continue watching the second one.

And that involves one of the latest drama, Fated to Love You.

I have been urging to watch something with beauty and comedy yet none came out so far. Last drama that really entertained me is You Are All Surrounded, which is still airing and reaching its ending. I know I am being picky. Very much.

So, I realized Fated to Love You is already out with two episodes and I have just done with the first.
Overall, it is a bit dull to me eventho the drama is indeed what I have been waiting for, which is simple and comes with the sense of beauty but not that funny,unfortunately. So let me explain why does it dull and why it has all the thingy that I always want.

Not to forget, Korean drama always come with the theory of two men and two women. Nail it, viewers.

The style :

I love how the camera director worked on the very first episode that makes me want to see what he has for the second one. It is beyond the ordinary, I could say.

Jang Hyuk as the Lead ?

I love him in Midas and Windstruck. You can always say, I don’t prefer him in any other roles instead of those two. You know how he brought himself drown in Midas and Windstruck ? And it shocks me with his long hair. Eventho he looks so much like Hyunbin but to me,that is a big NO. And only in Midas and Windstruck that Jang Hyuk behaved so well and normal.

Jang Na Ra as the Lead ?

She’s cute and I always love her. And the character in Fated to Love You is indeed for her. I am not a fan of her, practically. But she knows how to pick roles. That is just great.

The other side Choi Jin Hyuk ?

He has that big guy, businessman look. A doctor is just,okay. Oh, gumiho would be hot ! And now, he plays a man with passion in pop music,being a deejay. Someone who enjoys his life. And loves the girls. All the girls. I would forever cherish him as a protective ahjussi and not the playful one. I wanna see him more in this new character by the way. Good try.

Who is Wang Ji Won ? :

She has this boyish style eventho all she does is balle. She's firm and perfect in Jang Hyuk's eyes. And that guarantees Jang Nara couldn't stand in line due to the perfections of hers. 

What attracts me ? :

It always the graphic. From the beginning of the first episode till the end of it, it was like stress therapy where you could be like, smile and woaaaa ~ *in a simple way*

Will I watch 2nd Episode of Fated to Love You?

I would. I would give this drama another chance for me to erase the word dull for the whole drama. And I still don’t understand what’s with the drink. What’s with the spectacled president? What’s with the proposal between Sera and the freak chairman? Will Sera accept the chairman?

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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

G is for Gone

I countdown for 10 days till my last final paper and my mind rewound.

That was 10 days ahead that I was thinking.. The time, the moment where each and everyone of us leads our own way to anywhere that we want to. No one to guide, no one to lecture, no one to direct, no one to yell and no one to smirk.

10 days ahead.. where we could possibly can't tell the difference between those stationeries and papers only because we nailed everything. Perhaps so. Ameen.

I simply went through the days even though it's hard to believe that everything won't be on its state after days. I started to think that I was at fault that everything not in a perfect condition, that I put less appreciation towards everything in front of my eyes for 3 years, that I couldn't say this and that, that I shouldn't do the don'ts, that everything is nothing but a waste.

They say, I'm only a human ~ ( Christina Perri sings not me )

Had bbq party with the classmates, one night stand with the girls, tearing, hugging, staring, talking, laughing but I couldn't be any better just because of the greedy me. You only need the light when it's burning low, isn't it?

Local people say, setiap pertemuan adalah untuk perpisahan. So, I should just nail it even it's !@#$%^&* harder than I expect. Lame laugh.

Won't forget these humans hahaha .
Sorry if I didn't have your picture on this .
But you stay in my mind like forever .
That's expensive .

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