Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Three Musketeers

Assalamualaikum wbt ..

Yonghwa Alert !!!

So I bet everyone has been waiting anxiously for Yonghwa's new drama to come out and apparently the first ever episode has come out last Sunday. Sadly this drama will come out only once a week. That's sad. Don't you ?

Oh so you can tell that I already love this drama haha. Yes I do.

For the first 15 minutes of the first episode, I was trying to hold on to myself since the starter is a bit loose. Though it tells about Yonghwa at the first place yet it didn't woe me to watch more. You know the feeling when we really anticipate to know how well Yonghwa will be in a historical drama and I love korean historical drama and even waiting for one now. So this caused me to stay.

My curiosity aroused by the time Yonghwa reached Hanyang where everything was supposed to start. I mean like, the drama has just started when he was in Hanyang. lol. Then he faced problems about where to stay, finally has a place to stay and another problem came out and accidentally saw the three musketeers. The bold Yonghwa then make four of them get to know each other.

The part where everything was finally unconcealed, when the crown prince read Yonghwa's 5-years-ago letter from the crown princess itself which drove Yonghwa into a politic conspiracy. But that wasn't too absurd since the crown prince didn't take it personally.

I love how Yonghwa was deceived by the crown prince itself. The heartbroken part,he cried. Awww ~ The leader of the three musketeers calmed him down with some drinks, and it appears that he is the crown prince. Cliche. But funny.

Oh not sure who is the female lead but apparently only the crown princess was shown in the first episode. So it must be her right ? Trying to figure out her name but I don't know her from any other dramas tho. Do you know, somehow ? Whatever it is, she's cute and clumsy and outspoken. Which common things that we have from the female lead right ? Hahaha

I don't know why they should name this drama as The Three Musketeers. I wish they can make it way more specific.

Really anticipate for the next cliche. Haha. Till then !

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