Friday, August 8, 2014

Homemade Inai : Beautiful Yet Harmful

Assalamualaikum wbt.

Nail arts nowadays has gone viral with lots of creative make over with the ombre nails. I cannot lie that I myself have fallen in love with all those drawings that those girls had on their nails. *envy*

That moment, when seduction nail appear I was amazed and of course decided to try since most of my friends have tried and the outcome are awesome. I did some research about the homemade inai and the mixtures are worrisome since they mix axion; the dishwasher paste, food colouring and limestone paste.

I know you will say that I won't try. Even once.

But I tried because I was too curious about this inai. (face palm) So, I applied for 15 minutes as how the seller told me to. And she even warned me not to apply for more than 15 minutes but the colour still didn't satisfy me. So I applied for 40 minutes for the second time. Hmm it was longer than I expected.

What I could say here is the colour is so pretty and bright. And I shouldn't worry if the inai was a bit grimy. Because they will be fine after some times.

It's pretty outside but hurting me inside. :"( 


While waiting for the inai to dry by itself. My hands felt so so so itchy and a bit swollen.. 40 minutes have passed and I cleaned my nails as the inai have dried. I felt hurt so freaking much like my fingers were swelling due to the inai.

So I thought that I am allergic to the axion because I always am. I'm not always that compatible with any bleaches or detergents tho.

I would appreciate if you out there won't use this kind of inai anymore since it's actually harmful towards your nails. I used once and I won't use it again eventho the colour is very nice.

Pamper your nails. Don't make them suffer.

Till then.

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