Friday, July 11, 2014

What Should We Do for Palestine

I scrolled my facebook, twitter and instagram and everything is about how rage we are, the Muslims towards the Israel's wrong doings. This is the moment where I feel like the weakest person in this world that could only have her prays for them, the jihads.

I'm weak. Too weak to face the truth. Even when I know some paths to help, I couldn't be like how it supposed to be. Like how those boycott banners are spreading fast right now. I'm well informed about how some brands are giving out funds to help out Israel.


somehow the weak me might say, aren't we supposed to continue our life normally ? Like previously ? Let's just chill and enjoy everything that we want to have or eat. Ouch, what a cruel thinking I ever had. What a selfish mindset I ever began with. Stupid me. I'm too weak till I couldn't even promise myself that I can help them, our brothers and sisters there.

"Selemah-lemah iman bermula dari hati"

Let's start with your heart. The sincere one. Have some guts. Have some faiths. Make an intention. That you will try no matter how hard it is. Try.

Let's istiqomah for Palestine's beautiful future, insyaAllah.

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