Monday, December 26, 2011

HappyOkCatDay !!

*Taec in white*

Happy Birthday , Taec !
I hope you will receive more love in future .

If people ask me why do I like him the most . First , I love a man that looks so manly . And of course , with 6 packs ! When it comes to Taec , his face is so manly . With the beast-look eyes .. I can't stand from his hotness . And and , he loves , knows how to make jokes . He is reliable . He's not a boring person . He's strong ! There are a lot more words to describe about him!

Haha . For me , it's actually a bit cheesy to post something like this in my own blog . But , I just want to share my love about Taec with others .

Short review about Taecyeon

: Ok Taecyeon
: 27 December 1988
: Main Rapper

Originally , I prefer to love a vocalist . But Taec is someone different to me . He is a cute beast . Haha . There is no cute beast in this world . But somehow , Taec could be one :D

Have a blast , Taec !

*picture : credit to 2pmalways

2 idealistic:

Lady Emilya said...

ehh tak sangka, saya pun minat taecyeon, huhu x)

Mimiey said...

seriously !!!?
then , happyokcatday !
hehehe .

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