Monday, August 22, 2011

Enough With Laughter .

Assalamualaikum wbt.

-flat face-

Yes , enough with laughter .

I couldn't believe that I am about to reach the end of my first semester. Now, I'm struggling to perform well in my tests . So, I won't have any problem with my carry marks. I hope so.

Since the final exam is just around the corner. I'm trying to focus more in my study. I do need to do a lot of revisions. Especially on my account subject. Huh.
The subject is really freaking me out ! Well, I don't have any basic knowledge that related to account.

I did learn a few things about it. But, it was few years ago. When I was in form 3, I guess. And now, I only succeed to remember a bit about them. How bad it is. I'm surely don't have any problem with other subjects. Perhaps, yeah ! Ngee.. (scary face)

Please account , be nice to me. My last will before I meet you on the final day. :)

Okay friends out there. I'm truly sorry if I couldn't reply your text message or even answer your phone call. I will probably be busy for these 3 - 4 weeks. (Even for the past 2 weeks. Heh)
So, lets just meet on Hari Raya ! <3
Can't wait !!!!


With smile not laugh , Mimiey Majid. :)

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