Sunday, August 14, 2011

18, I've been waiting for you . =)

Assalamualaikum wbt .

11 August 2011 .
No presents but meaningful wishes and birthday songs from everyone. <3
Started with Wawa , Hani and Fira. They sang for me while jumping on the beds. HAHA.
Then, I received some calls from my friends on that night.

00.00 am.

I smiled when his name appeared on my phone's screen. *big smile*
I was extremely busy with account assignment. ACTUALLY.
I answered his phone call.
I asked him to wait for me.
He refused.
Because ..
He wanted to sing for me !
He sang for me.

Thanx . Million thanx from me, Q ! It makes me feel happy for my whole 18th day. !!

Happy for the 2nd time when I received wishes from my classmates. Especially the girls. :)))))))

The best among the best friend that I've ever met. Fateen, thanx for your wish and the video. :)))

Then, I didn't expect that all of the guys (almost. not all ) from my class sang for me . HAHA . I was happy again ! I didn't know that they really concerned about my big day. I thanked them with a grateful feeling. I wish our friendship will be last forever. :)

Bye .

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