Saturday, October 8, 2011

A person that you call girl : Her dream

Assalamualaikum wbt..

Wow . wow . I miss my blog damn much but I don't have enough idea to write anything here. Yeah well, idea kering maa . And now , I've just ended my final examination. It was hella crazy man ! Urh urh. Account paper really really hold a grudge towards me . -.-

Even now , It's still haunting . @.@ I only wish the best for myself. :)

Owkayy, since I don't have anything interesting to do now. So, I'm willing to share something about a girl's dream. Especially about the way a girl choose her guy :)

A girl told me that she wants someone that reliable. Knows everything more than her .
She wants someone that can protect her.
She wants to be with someone that she feels safe with.
She wants someone that can be her bestfriend. Sharing-problems type ...
She wants someone that is not boring but can always making jokes for her. Always comforting her with million smiles.

Well, as I know . Most Malay girls love to have boyfriend with good manners etc. WAKE UP GILRS ! That's not enough I guess . We need an outstanding personality from a guy.. He who knows the best place to make us happy . Not someone that we should listen to , what is the best and what is not ! (What the !)

I'm not asking the boys to follow everything that we want. As long as it's something that can make a girl happy, it's not really wrong . But maybe, some of the guys might not think that sacrifice is not right for them. Then go on . And the girl won't find anything interesting in you. TRUST ME DUDE .

And yeah , I should'nt think that I can have everything that I want. I need to be POSITIVE btw. -.-


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