Saturday, October 30, 2010

UniKL, MIAT(Malaysian Institute Of Technology)!!!


orite2.. baru jer blik dr UniKL, MIAT.

happy?: nope.

satiesfied?: sort of.. dpt FREE PENDRIVE,, ok! haha. suker laa!

tired?: yes. very2 tired!

sleepy?: yes3. but I wish I could sleep now! sadly, I can't. grr..

hungry?: very2 hungry.. I have n0t taken my lunch yet. tgk laa pkul 8 mlm kang. haha. malas tak terkate untuk bergerak skang niey. lepak dpn pc is better..

sad?: yes. I am. sbb luper bwk cam mase pegi MIAT td. hampeh ah. takder pic lgsung. yg atas niey aku snap kt umah jer.. hahahaha.. lawak2.

ok. bye!
tue jer nk bebel..

to you,
thanx for the call.

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