Monday, November 28, 2011

Chaos Chaos !

Assalamualaikum wbt :D

Hey hey ! I'm currently in Seremban and will surely be back to Bangi tonight . Erkkk .. Malas nak packing , for sure ! :p

Btw , my first week of Semester 2 was chaos ! Orang ni buat hal , orang tue buat hal . I didn't get to see the exact timetable and I was so shocked that I needed to stay in college till 6 in the evening to attend classes . I felt like this first week has no different comparing to induction week ! LOLs .

And and and ! I don't think that I need to stay until 6 is a bad thing tho. Instead , I can lose some weight while walking to different classes . I can always have some exercises or in other words , movement . haha . Well , this semester's subjects are hella difficult comparing to last semester . I even have an extra subject which is Transport . I suddenly remember about the seniors said about the difficulty of TPT. I do understand now ! :p

And well , I always hate to say this . But please , stupido just go away from my life . Haishh . I just want to study peacefully without any silly problems . Let me be , okay ? Just let me be ! Since I love privacy damn much , it's a bit hard for me to accept something different . And you are too different ! =="

I'm about to break =="

Break the record !

TEEHEE , stupido !

Thursday, November 10, 2011

I am here for you . I'll be there for you as well . ^^

Assalamualaikum wbt . :)

Howdy ! It has been around one month , I guess . I've been spending my time with my family here . So , the time has reached where I need to go back and proceed my study . Next Friday will be the last day I will be here . Of course , I will be back for another 2 weeks after .

Somehow , I feel like don't wanna go . (seriously , tak nakkk balik !!! ) And hell yeah , I really need to go. What a life =.=

Whatever it is , I just need to start the new semester with another great , fresh hopes ! Hopes that are much greater than before . :)

Kyaa ~~ Liat nak balik niey . =.= Ya know , I am here because of my mum and dad . And I need to be there because of them as well .

Please , life . Be nice to me . You are just like my super great savior IF you are really being nice to me . (okay , start merepek dah ) HAHA.

Dah dah cukup . I don't even start to buy things that I need . Dah berangan nak balik kan . It's not funny but I guess . I'm starting to be a clumsy girl back . Last minute baru nak beli barang . ^^

So , let's just have fun while studying . You are not a nerdy ! Just pick the right time to open your book or Facebook ! hahaha .

Okay here ! This time , I want to end my latest article with a nice , cute song . I don't know about this song at first . But then , a friend of mine gave this song to me . No special meaning . She just wanted to share . And I did listen to this song . I found that this song has really good meaning .

So , enjoy it . <3

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