Saturday, February 26, 2011

Hye Anjung Streamyx!


Title yg agak menarik kan? okay,, look. Now, I would like to share something that looks very interesting with all of you. It's about a business website. even though, I'm not really into business matter,, I just found that this website is quite good. and, I'm very sure that the website is very helpful.

there are a lot of services on the website.

Tutorial? They have!
Application for Celcom Broadband? The have!
Unifi? They have!

You can serve the link here if u wanna.
well, do u wanna upgrade yr streamyx?OR! do you want to make it faster?
so, u can simply go to the website and apply for it! As simple as that. ^^
and more, u can check your streamyx bill through the website too!
easy rite? actually, there are a lot more!

Badewayyy, I also found that the website's name is very creative.
anjungstreamyx? hehe. Cool~

Guys, if u wanna go to the website or maybe u wanna upgrade your streamyx or else?
You can just go to the website.

**for your information, I have joined a contest from a contest that need you to write an article about the website. are you interested? just go to the website and join the contest!


*pic:: credit to google*

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