Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Checklist!!! **updated


haihh. x der bende nk tulis. tp tibe2 teringat checklist yg aku buat dlm entry yg lepas2. so, nak update skit. hehe. ^^

Cinema? ::: Done!

= Tron? ::: Done
= Aku Masih Dara? ::: Done
= Khurafat? ::: Done
= Faster? Done

= other movies? ::: I'm Coming~~

{{Malay movies? I'm not really into it. I just think that I need to watch it. haha. Whatever it is,
I'm still a Malay.. AND, he loves to watch malay movies. (*>*) }}

Mc Donald? ::: Done!

Camp? ::: Done!

Job? ::: Done! nak berhenti dh pown! haha.

Bowling? ::: Done!

Pizza? ::: Done!

New Dress? ::: Done! Done! and Done!

New CR Shoes? ::: I'm Coming~~ {excited sgt2!!!}

Homestay Plan? ::: In Process~~ -----------------33% (-22%) mybe cancel.. bahh!

New MySpace? ::: Done! x update lgsung!

A Formspring? ::: Done! ok lah. ^&^

Customize friendster? ::: I'm Coming~~ {lazy~~}

Buy Some Novels? ::: I'm Coming~~ {What is the latest one??}

Diet Schedule? ::: In Process. (the progress is pretty good!)

Chocolate? ::: Done! ( I miss Vochelle! haha.)

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