Tuesday, April 29, 2014

G is for Gone

I countdown for 10 days till my last final paper and my mind rewound.

That was 10 days ahead that I was thinking.. The time, the moment where each and everyone of us leads our own way to anywhere that we want to. No one to guide, no one to lecture, no one to direct, no one to yell and no one to smirk.

10 days ahead.. where we could possibly can't tell the difference between those stationeries and papers only because we nailed everything. Perhaps so. Ameen.

I simply went through the days even though it's hard to believe that everything won't be on its state after days. I started to think that I was at fault that everything not in a perfect condition, that I put less appreciation towards everything in front of my eyes for 3 years, that I couldn't say this and that, that I shouldn't do the don'ts, that everything is nothing but a waste.

They say, I'm only a human ~ ( Christina Perri sings not me )

Had bbq party with the classmates, one night stand with the girls, tearing, hugging, staring, talking, laughing but I couldn't be any better just because of the greedy me. You only need the light when it's burning low, isn't it?

Local people say, setiap pertemuan adalah untuk perpisahan. So, I should just nail it even it's !@#$%^&* harder than I expect. Lame laugh.

Won't forget these humans hahaha .
Sorry if I didn't have your picture on this .
But you stay in my mind like forever .
That's expensive .

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