Sunday, October 27, 2013

Walking Human . Heww .

Dear human ,

So I took some times to write . It takes like forever to let me write again after the previous post . Of course, the lazy me won't do blogging unless something doesn't force me to do . Did some blog-walking so the other writers motivate me to at least bring up a topic tonight .

Can't remember the date but we went there few weeks ago . We actually had nothing to do on Sunday so we just go with the flow . 3 out of 5, nearly to 4 voted to be in Cameron Highland so here we were . Since non of us had guts to spend the night here so we only got to be in several places only .

Did strawberry pickings , troll for pictures , eat strawberry chocolate , bought strawberries, flowers, and souvenirs and feel the breeze . That's it .

One thing that I want . I want to buy at least a small house with patio here .

p/s : Yes, I'm chubbier . And . You can shattap . Hihi . xoxo
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