Friday, April 26, 2013

Online Books Hunting at MPH Online

Assalamualaikum wbt. 

This time around , I'll be here temporarily just to make a review about what I've just experienced.

To be honest, I'd never bought any books online. So, this is my first time. Actually, the main purpose to use mph online service is because of my lil bro's book was already out of stock when we tried to purchase it at another bookstore. Though we could make a special order at that particular bookstore, we chose to not do so.

We did go to the mph bookstore itself and check the book and there was none. So, we'd decided to try purchasing it online ! And mphonline even receives BB1M . I have 2 vouchers left with me now. I was hesitated at first to purchase it online but since it's to make the transaction even easier, so I did ! :D

I checked my brother's book via online and still there was none. So, I had no choice but to make a call to the customer service. I talked to the customer service and everything was settled at once when she gave me a special id for the book and I would have just to insert the id number and put it in my online cart.

Once I'd put all of my orders in my cart then I was asked to send an email to mph. I received a reply for the order confirmation. I made the order 2 days ago which was on 23rd April and receive another email on 25th April which told me the books are ready to be sent to my house. I love the way they keep me on track about  the status of these books. So, I wouldn't doubt when will the books to be sent out to my house without me setting myself ready with the actual money exchange.

So here they come. I received everything today ! ^^

I'll make sure to use mph's online service again next time !

Till then ~

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