Wednesday, May 9, 2012

How's everything ?

Assalamualaikum wbt . 

How's everything guys ? After I've done with my drama review , I have no words to say at all . HAHA . Thanx to that drama . At least , I keep my blog updated . :) 

Since I'm currently in the middle of semester break , So I don't have much things to do . Instead of going out with my friends , I keep sitting in front of my laptop . As for now, laptop is my best friend .

Oh ! When it comes to 'best friend' . I just miss my little girl so much :( I miss you so much , Fateen ! You know , sometimes I'm hoping for us to meet accidentally like before. Remember ? We shouted and hugged each other ! And that was one of the moment that I thank Allah the most . Your presence cured my heart . It's incomplete if we couldn't meet our best friend right ? You really made my day ^^

And I keep tweeting because of the boringness. I plan a lot . But I do less . I keep dreaming of going to some fun places . But then , not all my friends are free to do this or that . And I end up sighing while thinking that I need to let go of the things that I plan .

And to readers , I would like seek for your help . If you happen to read this then please pray for my friends. They are currently having their hard times . A friend of mine .. She's having difficult time with her unwell mother . I don't have to give an explanation since everyone loves a person called mama . Pray for her .

And even a father . A person that we can't live without . Another friend of mine is having his difficult time too . I don't know why are these things happening to them . But , Allah swt always knows the best about everything . Be strong , my friends :) Everything happens for some reasons . 

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