Friday, June 17, 2011

Facebook: The cause of my tears.

Assalamualaikum wbt.

Hey people...

Currently, I have a really bad mood. Yeah right, people around me will say that I'm always happy with what I have. Yes, I do. I always be grateful with what I have. I always am! I can stand in front of people now with the strength that my friends gave to me.

But, I'm just an ordinary girl that receives a lot of obstacles from Allah swt. I keep bursting into tears when I saw and read something that really make me feel hurt. Really hurt!

Some people may call me a hopeless girl because I always let my tears come out. Let it go.
I love it that way. It will make me feel better. Or else, I will be a crazy girl with a bloody heart, I guess.

Everyday, I will start my day with the same hopes.

I wish that I can get the perfect answer.
I wish that I can be free from any problems.
I wish that I can be happy just like before.
I wish that someone will always be with me.
I wish that there will be no more tears coming out from my sorrow eyes...

I can easily control my tears in front of others. When I'm alone. Tears will become my new friend. Thanks for accompanying me. A BIG THANKS!


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