Sunday, August 16, 2015

Savee Fair in Seremban Prima

Assalamualaikum wbt.

*finger crossed"

You, you and you ! love make ups until you can just leave out your boyfriend at the side and go to the make up racks.

Don't say no or I will bet you're lying. Haha.

So, here is a good news for those make up gigs in Seremban where Savee is creating a haul in Seremban Prima from Friday to this Sunday. They sell make ups at the lower price which starts at RM1.00 to RM33.00 price range. It's a crazy promotion where almost everything is below RM10 !

The one with the price of RM33.00 is only the perfumes. Otherwise you can own 10 eye shadows just for RM10 ! Okaylah 1 for RM1.00 .. I am just telling you that you can buy lots of Savee stuff if your budget is only RM10 though.

So, for the very first time in my life. I have decided to give it a try. Savee is still new to make ups world where I could barely have the confidence in its quality. But, why not? There is always first time in every thing right ?

Just in time, my favourite mascara which is Loreal Mascara Double Extension habis already. So I think, I wanna try Savee's Mascara this time. And I lost my Elianto Blusher while hanging out with my girlfriends. Dang ! Make up pon boleh misplace masa lepak. Serabut teruk. So, I bought one lah. Hihi.

And I am in the middle of Eye Shadows-crazed. So, please aware that I could buy dozens of eye shadows at once. Since Savee Eye Shadows cost only RM1 so I bought 4 ! Even though I have just have my money invested in Naked 4 Pallet Eye Shadow last week. Damn.

It costs me only RM21.00 for all of these. Murah gila sampai I rasa nak beli lagi. 

What I bought:

Savee Mascara
Savee Eye Shadows (Dark Blue, Turqoise, Redish Pink and Mustard)
Savee Blusher Cheek Shades (Pink)

So, I like the mascara. It's not sticky at all. I applied once and tak leceh. For the blusher, it sparkles a bit but not that obvious. Hmm for the eye shadows, I have tried all colour accept for the mustard. But I still cannot clarify whether they are nice or not. I've tried a bit only on my hands and I think it's a bit off because the texture is powder-ish and the colour is not how it looks like in the box. But wait for me till I have applied them to my own eyes then only I will give enough feedbacks.

Till then ~

Happy make ups, Happy Shopping !

Friday, January 30, 2015

How it feels seeing a Stranger ?/.

Assalamualaikum wbt.

Been gone since Raya. As usual, I would say this. Pretty much busy with my messy life. And finally I could update my blog with an inspiration after I have done one semester of my degree though ! That is quite a long time, to me.

So, today. Something came up. And another thing came up as well. Right after. And I can say, this a quite a bad day. Even though nobody notices that. Even though I don't even go out today. But still, lots came up.

So, I am thinking when a girl has problems then she would be wanting to see a stranger. I don't specifically mention a girl or a guy. Just someone that could understand her.

Because what I am feeling now is something that I don't want anybody around me to know. I want a completely stranger to listen. I don't think by sitting alone in a coffee shop, waiting alone for the bus would make me seeing a stranger.

I'm not being emotionally imagining for a kind of angel to just come out of nowhere and ask me what is actually wrong. I just think that it might be good to able to speak out what you are feeling and you don't have to worry what will come after. I mean, people won't talk about you. People won't badmouth about you. People won't judge. Because the things that you spoke are not the things that the stranger care about.

He or she might be a good listener. Aren't they?

I somehow dream that I could meet one.

Ouh the title, it could be a question. You can answer. It could be a statement and you can read. Night !

Friday, August 29, 2014

My Syawal Went Like This

Assalamualaikum wbt.

Syawal ended and here some stories.





They made my days in Syawal. *smooch*

Friday, August 22, 2014

Mafarikha - Tolong

Ku mengucap seribu kata
Tapi tiada makna bagimu
Kau cerita seribu nama
Tiada satu tentang diriku

Tahukah engkau
Bila nanti ku tiada denganmu
Bisakah engkau
Bila nanti ku tiada denganmu

Tolonglah aku
Terima diriku sebagaimana ku terima kamu
Tolonglah aku
Adakan dirimu sebagaimana ku ada untukmu
Tolonglah aku

Jika ku hilang dari sisimu
Sebagaimana kau lakukan padaku
Ku cuma mahu kau merasakan
Sakit hatiku bersamamu

Tolonglah aku
Terima diriku sebagaimana ku terima kamu
Tolonglah aku
Adakan dirimu sebagaimana ku ada untukmu

Tolong jangan kau biarkan
Cinta sebenarnya tidak ada
Tolong jangan kau tinggalkanku
Bila kau benar-benar cinta kepadaku

Tolonglah aku
Terima diriku seadanya aku
Sebagaimana aku menerima dirimu
Menerima cintamu seadanya kamu
Tolonglah aku


Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Three Musketeers

Assalamualaikum wbt ..

Yonghwa Alert !!!

So I bet everyone has been waiting anxiously for Yonghwa's new drama to come out and apparently the first ever episode has come out last Sunday. Sadly this drama will come out only once a week. That's sad. Don't you ?

Oh so you can tell that I already love this drama haha. Yes I do.

For the first 15 minutes of the first episode, I was trying to hold on to myself since the starter is a bit loose. Though it tells about Yonghwa at the first place yet it didn't woe me to watch more. You know the feeling when we really anticipate to know how well Yonghwa will be in a historical drama and I love korean historical drama and even waiting for one now. So this caused me to stay.

My curiosity aroused by the time Yonghwa reached Hanyang where everything was supposed to start. I mean like, the drama has just started when he was in Hanyang. lol. Then he faced problems about where to stay, finally has a place to stay and another problem came out and accidentally saw the three musketeers. The bold Yonghwa then make four of them get to know each other.

The part where everything was finally unconcealed, when the crown prince read Yonghwa's 5-years-ago letter from the crown princess itself which drove Yonghwa into a politic conspiracy. But that wasn't too absurd since the crown prince didn't take it personally.

I love how Yonghwa was deceived by the crown prince itself. The heartbroken part,he cried. Awww ~ The leader of the three musketeers calmed him down with some drinks, and it appears that he is the crown prince. Cliche. But funny.

Oh not sure who is the female lead but apparently only the crown princess was shown in the first episode. So it must be her right ? Trying to figure out her name but I don't know her from any other dramas tho. Do you know, somehow ? Whatever it is, she's cute and clumsy and outspoken. Which common things that we have from the female lead right ? Hahaha

I don't know why they should name this drama as The Three Musketeers. I wish they can make it way more specific.

Really anticipate for the next cliche. Haha. Till then !

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