Sunday, August 16, 2015

Savee Fair in Seremban Prima

Assalamualaikum wbt.

*finger crossed"

You, you and you ! love make ups until you can just leave out your boyfriend at the side and go to the make up racks.

Don't say no or I will bet you're lying. Haha.

So, here is a good news for those make up gigs in Seremban where Savee is creating a haul in Seremban Prima from Friday to this Sunday. They sell make ups at the lower price which starts at RM1.00 to RM33.00 price range. It's a crazy promotion where almost everything is below RM10 !

The one with the price of RM33.00 is only the perfumes. Otherwise you can own 10 eye shadows just for RM10 ! Okaylah 1 for RM1.00 .. I am just telling you that you can buy lots of Savee stuff if your budget is only RM10 though.

So, for the very first time in my life. I have decided to give it a try. Savee is still new to make ups world where I could barely have the confidence in its quality. But, why not? There is always first time in every thing right ?

Just in time, my favourite mascara which is Loreal Mascara Double Extension habis already. So I think, I wanna try Savee's Mascara this time. And I lost my Elianto Blusher while hanging out with my girlfriends. Dang ! Make up pon boleh misplace masa lepak. Serabut teruk. So, I bought one lah. Hihi.

And I am in the middle of Eye Shadows-crazed. So, please aware that I could buy dozens of eye shadows at once. Since Savee Eye Shadows cost only RM1 so I bought 4 ! Even though I have just have my money invested in Naked 4 Pallet Eye Shadow last week. Damn.

It costs me only RM21.00 for all of these. Murah gila sampai I rasa nak beli lagi. 

What I bought:

Savee Mascara
Savee Eye Shadows (Dark Blue, Turqoise, Redish Pink and Mustard)
Savee Blusher Cheek Shades (Pink)

So, I like the mascara. It's not sticky at all. I applied once and tak leceh. For the blusher, it sparkles a bit but not that obvious. Hmm for the eye shadows, I have tried all colour accept for the mustard. But I still cannot clarify whether they are nice or not. I've tried a bit only on my hands and I think it's a bit off because the texture is powder-ish and the colour is not how it looks like in the box. But wait for me till I have applied them to my own eyes then only I will give enough feedbacks.

Till then ~

Happy make ups, Happy Shopping !

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