Friday, January 30, 2015

How it feels seeing a Stranger ?/.

Assalamualaikum wbt.

Been gone since Raya. As usual, I would say this. Pretty much busy with my messy life. And finally I could update my blog with an inspiration after I have done one semester of my degree though ! That is quite a long time, to me.

So, today. Something came up. And another thing came up as well. Right after. And I can say, this a quite a bad day. Even though nobody notices that. Even though I don't even go out today. But still, lots came up.

So, I am thinking when a girl has problems then she would be wanting to see a stranger. I don't specifically mention a girl or a guy. Just someone that could understand her.

Because what I am feeling now is something that I don't want anybody around me to know. I want a completely stranger to listen. I don't think by sitting alone in a coffee shop, waiting alone for the bus would make me seeing a stranger.

I'm not being emotionally imagining for a kind of angel to just come out of nowhere and ask me what is actually wrong. I just think that it might be good to able to speak out what you are feeling and you don't have to worry what will come after. I mean, people won't talk about you. People won't badmouth about you. People won't judge. Because the things that you spoke are not the things that the stranger care about.

He or she might be a good listener. Aren't they?

I somehow dream that I could meet one.

Ouh the title, it could be a question. You can answer. It could be a statement and you can read. Night !
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