Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Gossip Day

Assalamualaikum wbt lovelies :)

An awesome yesterday ~ 
Eventho I didn't get enuff sleep so yeah, I was a lil bit spazzed out during the whole day. Yet, I still had a great time with my girlfriends. So, I planned to have some coffee before we start doing something else. So, we went to Gloria Jean's Coffees to re-energize my body. Thought of having something hot but with the hot weather and the cafe doesn't have proper place to have lunch so yeah I took away a cup of Creme Brulee and emm I didn't remember another one . :p 

We went to Mid Valley to do some shopping and yeah, we met Ana too !!! Setahun never met yawww ! Imagine how excited we were ! :D Hahaha the most hilarious thing was we didn't realize time passed by and kept gossiping about everything while at the cafe . So, everything turned out to be unplanned ! We basically wanted to purchase movie tickets but didn't do so and straightly having our lunch first . Ana craved for fast food so yeah, forget about Spaghetti and here we were ! :D

*I cropped the chubby part . Zzzzz *

*corrupted. LOL*
Then terus shopping lahhhhh and still, movie tickets were not yet to be purchased . We were immersed in all the stuff ! ==" Hahaha .. Well, I managed to buy a bag. Ila as well ! ^^ We climbed up to GSC and wanted to purchase the ticket for Fast Furious 6. As expected, the tickets were sold out. I didn't mind but Ila was so eager to watch the movie and Ana wanted to spend the time with watching movie. :( Sad for you, girls .

Finally, we chose white coffee and gossip !!! We talked lots of things until 6 and we went back home afterwards ! ^^ It was a great time. I missed the laughters :"( How we always spent our time together before and now everything is different. Anyway, Ana leads a great life now. There's a reason for everything to happen. :")

More candy bars ! ^^..

Wish to have another great meeting . :") 
Till then, lovelies

P/S : Ana, Ila . We should ! We have to ! Meet at the white coffee again after this ! Hikhik ^^

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