Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Moon that Embraces the Sun - My own review

Assalamualaikum wbt .

Can you read the title above ? Can you see the picture above ? :D Well, I just feel like writing a short review about this drama . 

First of all , I would like to give points for this drama . It's 9/10 . Yeah , 9 points for this drama .

Actually , I didn't expect much for this drama . Even though, there is Kim Soo Hyun . Still, I don't really prefer a classical one . But , I did watch this . Because I want to see the way Kim Soo Hyun is when it comes to classic. :D

It's normal to have a boring story line since it's actually a classical drama . But , I was impressed by the exciting story line . I didn't expect that the drama will be this interesting . True , we did believe in shamanism  in the past. This is my first time watching a drama that tells the true past . 

With the handsome , young king . It's enough to make a girl's heart beats faster ! And the main conflict that is not too stressed out . So, there's no such thing for me to say that this drama is totally boring . There were sometimes that I almost fallen asleep due to the boringness . But , I'd become more curious about what will be next !

The reason why I didn't give 10 out 10 points for this drama is because the King is just like a crybaby . It's cute to see Kim Soo Hyun himself to cry . But , he's a King , tho . He shouldn't show his weak side as a King . And , another reason is the shamanism . Hikhik . Okay , this is just because I'm a scaredy-cat ! HAHA ! Don't be offended !

So, any other opinions ? Feel free to leave some comments . :)

Till then . BYE .

Saturday, April 7, 2012

This is nothing to you :)

Who am I to you ?

Is the friendship really much more valuable than a love-relationship ?

Hey my boy .
I know that you love your friends very much.
I do , as well .
But ,
I, myself am afraid to compare both of the relationships.
Because the two relationships are very important to me .

Friends and love are two different things that can give me joys at the same time .
There is no such thing that a friendship is better than love.

There is love in friendship .
There is friendship in love .

It's your own reponsibility to create both of the relationships .

And I'm happy if you're happy .

This is just something that keeps appearing in my mind .
Please don't get me wrong .

May joys always be with you .
I love you

picture : credit to google
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