Saturday, May 28, 2011

A New Hope Begins...

Assalamualaikum wbt...

haha. owkayy.. I'm home! and yeah, I've just ended my induction week as a UiTM student in KPTM Bangi. Well, it was a terrible moment, I guess.

Even though I have been in a camping with the same concept before, I just felt like they were a bit different. Maybe it was because of the way they led or the way they talked and the way the SCREAMMMMMED!!! heh.

For the first day, I didn't expect that they were going to be strict. TOO STRICT. I suffered from extremely sleepy for about four days because I just slept for about 1 to 2 hours per day. I even slept while tazkirah and while waiting for azan subuh. EVEN WHILE BRIEFING AND SINGING!!!! Naughty girl, huh? HAHA.

And for the second day, I was a bit busy with the registration process. Things got a bit complicated when there were some mistakes in my profile. and I needed to go ALONE for making it right.

What a boring night! I guess, they should improve the LDK sessions. I GUESS.

And for the 3rd day, I felt relieved to find out that.... THERE WERE NO SCREAMING!! hehe. Perhaps, they tried to make us feel comfortable with them. And from that day, I realized that they are actually nice. :)

4th day, it wasn't a bad day but suddenly turned out to be a sad day. Leadership camping or induction week.. all are same. We must actually have this session. It was a session that aiming to make us realize about our family. Yeah, I cried heavily during the session. Then, I got swollen eyes and had no confidence while taking pictures with my group. EXCELLENT!

I won't deny that sometime I felt like hating them. But, I knew that they actually wanted to help all students in managing their life well while living in hostel.

And I am absolutely know how they felt while looking after us because I've experienced in being a penghuluwati before and I lost my voice just because I screamed again and again. HAHA. funneh.

btw, GOOD JOB everyone. Have a nice day in KPTM as UiTM students. =D

Friday, May 20, 2011

This Is Not The Last!

Assalamualaikum wbt.

It may be called as a farewell party for all of the Kenanga members. Most of us will go to the IPT and start our study there. So do I.

We decided to spend a day for us to meet. I'm pretty sure that this is not the last meeting for us. We will meet again some day.

A small BBQ party held at Depa's house. Thanx to his mum for making some fried noodles for us. Delicious! And Alep and I bought a BBQ sos and fruits for the party. Farah bought some snacks.

Thanx to Alep for picking me up. HAHA. I reached Depa's house at 4.30 p.m. and started to make Alep's fruit shake. It was a bit funny because I didn't realize that Alep actually bought 2 tins of condensed milk. Depa's mum keep complaining about the -too-milky-taste. FUNNEH! I thought that Alep should improve more about his own recipe. ngeee.. =)

The party went well until 9 p.m. We ate, laughed and took some pictures. What an amazing moment I had. Luqman and Hafiz were so excited while telling us about some ghost stories. Wohoo. It was scary but funny. They kept making some silly jokes while telling the stories. Haihh..

At the end of the party, we took pictures together. Hug each other. Thank each other. I felt like I want to stay there with them. But, I know. We need to be apart for a while. InsyaAllah, we won't forget each other.

And thanx to Hanis for driving me home. :))

Monday, May 9, 2011

It's complicated.

Assalamualaikum wbt.

;D errr.. It's supposed to be.. this! =(((((((

Hye.. Hooo.. Howdy!

Things got complicated. As time passing, too many things were left unsaid. And, it drives me crazy. Sometimes.

Too many works to be done as well. and people always forget about something that maybe super precious in their life. I'm really really frustrated when this is happening to me.

Then, I ask myself. Why is this happening to me? And I answered. Because, it's your choice, Mimiey.

Yeah, it is. It's my choice. And I really need to accept it.

People usually love to argue about things that they dislike. So do I. Right now. I'm starting to argue about this and that. But then, they put the blame on me.

I hate this.
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